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Hyundai Air Conditioners

​​Hyundai, one of the leading appliance manufacturers in Pakistan, has ensured to make your living space nothing less than a Utopia with a wide range of innovatively engineered Air Conditioners. ACs dehumidify the living space and ensure comfort and peace in scorching summers, and no other Air Conditioner can do the job better than Hyundai Air Conditioners. Our motto, “New Thinking, New Possibilities!” justifies the avant-garde technology we have designed for our Air Conditioners. We understand that ACs are not a mere luxury but rather a necessity. Hence, our technical team works diligently to introduce high-tech ACs every now and then that adds aesthetic value to your homes or offices and save you energy, are cost-effective, and are Eco-friendly. Hyundai has launched various chains of Air Conditioners; Orchid Series, Solitaire Series, Vogue Series, Maestro Series, Flair Series and recently launched Aster Series. All these series have distinct features that make Hyundai appliances unparalleled.

Hyundai Air Conditioner | Distinct Features

Make your room a chiller or a sauna, according to your mood or the weather demands, our DC Inverters ACs have all the features you desire. Generally, Inverter Air Conditioners’ compressors run at a low current and ensure that the temperature of the room is regulated (as instructed). Consequently, this feature helps the AC consume fewer electricity units, prevents noise pollution, and makes it Eco-friendly. Hyundai DC Inverter ACs work on the same mechanism and ensure year-round comfort. The slim and sleek Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners are built with innovative technology so that their machinery does not rust or corrode over time. Moreover, our Air Conditioners include Gold fin technology, Twin Rotator Compressor, Anti Rust Coating, 4D Swing Function, Silver Ions, Smart features, and filter-cleaning alerts, which make us stand apart. These features ensure a comfortable and peaceful living space.

Some of the distinct characteristics of Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners are:

Energy Efficient

​​The compressor in Inverter Air Conditioners never shuts down. Usually, the compressor in a non-inverter-type air conditioner shuts down after the room has reached the desired temperature and then restarts as the temperature starts to drop. This process makes it consumes 3 times more electricity than normal. Inverter Air Conditioners, on the other hand, sustain the temperature while regulating compressors’ speed according to the temperature demands of the room. Hence, it consumes less energy and this feature makes them cost-efficient. Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners use the innovative Twin Rotator Compressor, which ensures enhanced efficiency, lower noise, and less energy consumption.

Smart AC

You can operate your Smart Inverter Air Conditioner from any corner of the world. Its intelligent features enable you to control its temperature and other functions with your mobile phone. Make sure that your mobile phone and AC are connected to a WIFI network.

Eco-Friendly and Sterilized Fresh Air

Non-Inverter type Air Conditioners’ compressors work on a start and stop mechanism, which consequently emits carbon and greenhouse gas. In Inverter Air Conditioners, the compressor regulates its speed according to the temperature of the room, which saves energy and does not affect the environment as much as a non-inverter AC type. Moreover, one of the salient features of Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners is the inclusion of Silver Ions. Silver Ions attack allergens, purify the air, and save you from seasonal pollen, dust allergies, and other harmful particles. So not only do you enjoy a cool and breezy room but in fact, a healthier, fresh air to breathe.

Hyundai AC Price in Pakistan

Hyundai has a range of Air Conditioners with varying features. You can check the Hyundai ACs price in Pakistan as per your needed features.

So, place your order for Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners online, or visit our nearby Hyundai retail store right now and ensure a comfortable living space.