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Hyundai is a renowned appliance manufacturer and we cater to provide the best quality products available in the market. Our clean water pump is one such product designed to ensure hygiene and quality. Hyundai clean water pump can be used in various water supply applications in order to provide the customer with clean and treated water. The water pump has an aluminum body and a flow rate of 125L/min. A clean water pump is a sustainable pump designed to pump clean and treated water for drinking or treating ground water etc.


Ideal laboratory applications include pressurized pure water supply for glass washers, environmental chambers, humidity cabinets, autoclaves, corrosion testing equipment, single points of use and for any laboratory equipment that requires a pressurized feed.

Water pumps are not limited however to just construction sites, they can be utilized on residential sites, industrial sites, or commercial sites assisting in dewatering purposes. For the hiring of water pumping systems, a water pump is required. A water pump operates the water pumping machine and ensures that it is running effectively.

Basically, clean water pumps are centrifugal pumps used for relatively clean drinking water. Hyundai clean water pumps are built with aluminum even though there are stainless steel ones available in the market as well. Clean water pumps should usually remain primed under normal conditions. Our Hyundai clean water pumps are resilient, sanitary and of the highest quality.


The features of our purified water pump are as follows:

  • Low upkeep costs
  • Self-prepared
  • Outlining without stamps
  • High suction lift
  • Delicate pumping activity
  • Reversible
  • Flow rate of 125L/min

The price ranges are affordable and kept as reasonable as possible for our customers. Our Hyundai clean water pumps are available and at ²an astonishing price of Rs.26,700.

So without wasting any further time, rush to your nearest Hyundai outlet or visit our website online to buy your favorite Hyundai products.