Heat Gun – Power Equipment

Hyundai is a renowned appliance manufacturer in Pakistan and is working tirelessly to achieve customer satisfaction through our quality, diversity of products and innovative technology. Our heat gun is one such promising product. Hyundai heat guns have a sound architecture with efficient power consumption. Easy to use and robust design makes it ideal for significant tasks. The voltage on this unit is only 220-240V~50 Hz hence making it energy efficient as well.

What is a Heat Gun & How it Works?

You might think of a heat gun as similar to a hairdryer in shape, but is operated and used very differently. Our Hyundai heat gun is constructed with a motor-driven fan which blows air over an electrically heated filament. Basic heat guns have one heat setting operation and one fan speed and they are designed primarily for stripping paint. Other more complicated models are also available at Hyundai having two or three heat and fan speed settings as well as variable adjustments. Our Hyundai heat gun price ranges between Rs.3000 to Rs.7000.

Uses & Applications of Heat Gun:

Hyundai heat guns have many other uses apart from paint stripping. These include;

  • Soldering,
  • Removing accumulated ice,
  • Welding, softening and molding plastic materials,
  • Accelerating evaporation,
  • Heat shrink tubing application,
  • Removing stickers and adhesives,
  • Loosening old screws and bolts,
  • Waxing,
  • Drying damp wood,
  • Sterilizing tools for sanitation,
  • Shrinkwrapping large objects.

Which Heat Gun to Buy?

When considering which heat gun to buy, the first thing is to determine what exactly are you going to use the heat gun for? With heat guns, they vary in power, hot air flow and temperature control. People who use a heat gun regularly, for work or around the house, will benefit from a more powerful heat gun. We stock a range of heat guns with 240 volts power, perfect for frequent use. 

Features of Hyundai Heat Gun:

  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust design
  • Lesser maintenance costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite products online or visit Hyundai’s outlet near you.