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At Hyundai Pakistan, we constantly work to improve the quality of our products alongside renewed features. We have therefore introduced our vacuum pumps also known as water vacuum pumps. Hyundai has a range of vacuum pumps that allow you to make a complete vacuum after removing the air and gas particulates from a sealed compartment. These vacuum pumps have a suction outlet of 1×1 and a maximum flow ranging between 32L/Min to 50l/Min.

A vacuum pump is a device that removes air particles or gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to create a partial vacuum by achieving a difference in pressure. We have designed our vacuum pumps with a variety of technologies based on the requirement of our consumers. In order to achieve optimum efficiency, it is crucial to size the parameters correctly when setting up a vacuum suction pump.

How Does a Vacuum Pump Work?

The main function of a vacuum pump is to create either full or partial vacuum by changing the pressure in a contained space. This vacuum process is created not by “sucking” gases but also pushing molecules. Our vacuum pumps essentially move gas molecules from one region to the next to create a vacuum by changing low and high-pressure states.

Determining what vacuum pump you may need for your gas removal process can vary on so many factors. These include pumping pressure and speed ranges, flow rate, gas type application, volume size, life expectancy, and the location of your system. This can be a challenging task that can be time-consuming and costly if not chosen right. 

Be it a positive displacement pump, momentum transfer pump or entrapment pump, Hyundai has got you covered. Our range of water vacuum pumps is diverse and uniquely designed. The price ranges from as low as Rs.7,000 to as high as around Rs. 60,000 depending on your preferred vacuum pump.

Characteristics of Our Vacuum Pump

The main characteristics of Hyundai vacuum pumps include;

  1. The pumping speed is large covering a wide pressure range
  2. Its operation is relatively stable alongside the availability of feasible sizes.
  3. Since the pump cavity does not require lubrication with oil, pollution is reduced in our vacuum pump by oil vapor.
  4. Simple and compact structure, insensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas.

What are you waiting for? Hyundai has a great range of vacuum pumps and will surely satisfy your requirements. So, rush to your nearby store or visit our website here.