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Impact Wrench – Power Equipment

Hyundai Impact Wrench is a powerful tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user. Energy-efficient and with a small footprint, our impact wrenches are suited for any application. Our impact wrench has a capacity of 50Hz and uses an operation power of 900W. The idle rotation speed of this impact wrench is 0-2400/min. Impact wrenches are power tools that have an extremely firm grip and an additional force used for nuts wound too tightly in place or for a hard-to-turn bolt etc. 

What is an Impact Gun?

An impact wrench, also known as an impact gun, is designed to tighten or un-tighten bolts. It is commonly used in mechanical and industrial applications, for example when changing tires and disassembling car wheels, or performing maintenance on oil platforms. 

How Does an Impact Wrench Work?

An impact gun or impact wrench has an air or electric motor that exerts a sudden, intense twisting motion to the lug nut in short bursts. These short bursts on the fastener are what bring the loosening or tightening of materials. This action on the fastener helps the impact wrench work much better on a fastener than you could ever hope for working simply by hand.

There are two types of impact wrenches available at Hyundai:

  • Pneumatic Impact Wrench: lighter and easier to use.
  • Electric Impact Wrench: Heavy-duty and durable.

The operating principle is relatively simple. An impact mechanism composed of an impactor (hammer) and a spring, enables the wrench to tighten and loosen as required. The tool accumulates energy by the hammer cage over one or more revolutions and once the hammer hits the output shaft, it creates the tightening or loosening torque. 

Uses of Impact Wrench

  • Impact wrenches are widely used in automotive industries. 
  • The most common use that we all come across is the removal lug nuts when we change car tires. 
  • It is a must-have power tool for all vehicle repair shops and automotive body shops. 
  • Other uses of impact wrench include the assembly of automobiles, heavy equipment assembly, and maintenance, manufacturing of machine tools, large construction projects, etc.

Safety Measures When Using Impact Gun

Impact guns or impact wrenches as we call them are relatively easier to use as compared to power drills or saws. The precautionary measures that we recommend when using an impact wrench are as follows:

Beware of electric shock hazard

The cordless impact wrench poses a high risk arising from short-circuiting etc. Therefore always be careful when using these to prevent accidents.

Impact sockets should be used

In order to prevent the wrench socket from being stressed due to constant tightening and loosening, using impact sockets is a wise choice. These sockets have thicker walls and are hardened and tempered to slightly lower hardness to avoid shattering.

Wear ear protection equipment

The hammer inside the impact wrench produces loud noise. Wear ear protection equipment like ear muffs to prevent noise pollution. Hearing protection is very important for anyone using impact wrenches for more than a couple of minutes.

So hurry before your favorite products are all sold out. You can find our impact wrenches at reasonable prices (Rs. 8,900) and we bet you will not regret your purchase. Visit any Hyundai outlet near you or place your order online here.