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Cut Off Machine – Power Equipment

Hyundai works diligently to bring to you quality products that are made using our state-of-the-art technology. One such product is our cut-off machine or power cutter. An easy-to-handle powerhouse for cutting all types of materials, the Hyundai cut-off power saw is the best tool for the job. With a 2400W motor featuring no load speed of 3800 rpm, and a 355 wide wheel diameter, this cut-off machine is one of our top products that can take up the most challenging job.

What is a Cutt-off Machine?

Cut-off machines cut through hard materials such as tube, concrete, masonry, and metals. They are widely used in building and construction, concrete paving and emergency rescue. Power cutters are also called abrasive saws or chop saws. They have Bakelite-bonded wheels that operate at high speeds and cut through thin tubes and hard steel efficiently. Chop saws are commonly bench-top or hand-operated saws but may also come as free-standing saw on their own. All cutoff machines use an abrasive blade that allows it to cut through very hard materials and that blade can be powered by either a gasoline engine or an electric motor.

Specificatin & Features

Power source

The power source of the cutoff machine is an important specification. A bench top cutoff machine is almost always electric while a hand-held cutoff machine may be electric or have a small gas engine.

Cutting capacity

The size of the medium that has to be cut is an essential factor to consider too.

Blade diameter

The blade diameter of a cutoff machine is important to cut-off machines, as it plays a part in which material and how much of it the machine can cut.

Power of the motor 

The actual power of the motor or engine that powers the cutoff machine is relatively important.

How to Use Cut-Off Machine Safely

  • Use both hands to operate the handheld abrasive saws, left hand on the front handle and place your right hand on the throttle.
  • Grip firmly with your thumbs around the handles to prevent slipping of the machine when it starts cutting.
  • Maintain balance and good footing.
  • Never lean over the cutting wheel and maintain distance when the cut-off machine is in position.
  • For a clean and efficient cut, pull the wheel back and forth across the surface inserting the cutting wheel as deep as is required only.
  • Gather all required materials and plan your cut before beginning.

The cut-off machine is priced at a favorable amount of Rs. 29,000. So without wasting any further time, visit our online website here or grab your favorite products by visiting any Hyundai outlet near you.