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Electric Blower – Power Equipment

Our Electric Blower is a super diverse power tool, typically used for cleaning and vacuuming the dust away. The electric blower increases air or gas velocity when passed through equipped propellers. The Hyundai electric blower is a simple electrical device used in homes and industries to effectively blow away and clear out dust and debris from every nook and corner.

For gadgets and electronics that have parts that cannot be cleaned with a cloth, this is when you need our portable air blowers to remove dust with its continuous air pressure. This durable and efficient machine saves a good amount of time and effort consumed in cleaning and dusting tasks. Also, our electric air blower is available in various models; you can choose the one as per your need!

Air Blower Principle

Our electric air blowers comprise of six parts; motor, air blower body, air filter, air chamber, base, and an oil dripping nozzle. Hyundai electric blower works on the principle of ‘absorb, compress and eject air. Hence, the eccentric rotor in the cylinder makes the volume between blades change in order for the air to be absorbed, compressed, and ejected. The pressure difference of the air blower is used to automatically send the lubrication to the oil dripping nozzle and drop it into the cylinder to reduce the friction and noise while keeping the gas in the cylinder from returning.

Hyundai aims to make sure our air blowers are efficient, cost-effective, and require less maintenance than usual ones. The price of an electric air blower ranges somewhere between Rs.5,000 to Rs.8000. 

How does Hyundai Electric Blower Work?

An impeller at the center of the air blower sucks air and creates a spiral flow of air thereby creating a dynamic pressure that forces the air to flow through a curved path and out of the blower. The different speed levels are set for various kinds of cleaning such as cleaning electronic components, leaves shed in the garden area, etc.

Uses of Electric Blowers

Air blowers are mainly responsible for circulating the movement of air. They replace contaminated air with fresher air swirling it around. Other uses of Hyundai electric blowers include;

  • They are used as furnace fume extraction systems. They regenerate the heat and fumes and make the environment friendly.
  • They remove particles from the air in the range of 2-10 micrometers and hence are called dust collection systems.
  •  Air blowers are used as air pollution control systems
  • Air Blowers are used as Pulse Jet Cartridge Filters. This type of filtration system is basically applied for areas with ambient temperature conditions and basically for free-flowing dusts and materials.

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