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Diesel Generators

Hyundai aims to provide premium quality alongside innovative products and state-of-the-art technology. Diesel generators are mostly known for their durability and versatility. The reason for this is the fuel type that helps power the generator to run in all sorts of situations. Hyundai diesel generators utilize a diesel engine and electric generator to generate electrical energy. 

Generators use mechanical energy and convert it into electricity, so you do not have to sit idle in a power blackout. Hyundai Generators have been ensuring an uninterrupted, secure power supply and comfort ever since. Starting from as low as 10 KVA to the highest of 125 KVA, our generators have a wide variety that is perfect for domestic and commercial usage. These generators are engineered with new-generation features that make them secure to operate, as well as user and budget-friendly. Along with these features, the mechanics and advanced technology that our generators use to generate power, transmission, and power supply, make Hyundai unparalleled. Our diesel generator has a prime power of 10 KVA with 2.1 L/h (75% load) fuel consumption.

How Hyundai Diesel Generator Works

Hyundai diesel generators are based on air compression and fuel. They use a series of steps to generate AC (alternating current) electricity. The process starts when a diesel engine converts chemical energy in the fuel to rotating mechanical energy. During this process, the rotating motor is used by the AC alternator to generate electricity, while a wire moving through a magnetic field induces electrical charges. 

Diesel generator functioning- The Breakdown

According to a Study in 2017, the diesel functioning is as follows:

  • First, the air is blown into the generator until it is compressed
  • Subsequently, the proper fuel of the diesel generator is injected
  • The combination of air compression and subsequent injection of the fuel will contribute to generating the heat that triggers the inflammation of the fuel
  • Hence, our 10 KVA diesel generator starts combustion and causes the generator to start up

Uses of Diesel Generator

Hyundai diesel generators have the following distinct uses that compel users to choose from us:

  • Diesel generators are known for their versatility and are used in many versatile applications around the globe.
  • They are usually set up in rural places where they are used as the main power source or as a backup system as they are connected to a power grid.
  • 10 KVA diesel generators can also be used to offset the peaking power needs on the grid because they can quickly be turned on and off without inducing any lag time. 
  • Generators used in residential settings can range anywhere from 8 to 30 kW while generators used for commercial settings can range anywhere from 8 KW to 2,000 KW. Our diesel generators have the prime power of 10 KVA.
  • Large ships also utilize diesel generators for auxiliary power purposes, which can range from lights, fans and switches to supplementing power to the propulsion system.

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