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Demolition Hammer

Hyundai develops products using its state-of-the-art technology. We firmly believe in thinking beyond the box and so we present to you our collection of heavy-duty Demolition Hammers. Our Demolition Hammers (also known as Jackhammers) are electro-mechanical tools that combine a hammer directly with a chisel. With an impact rate of 0-3600/min, these hammers are useful demolition tools capable of breaking up asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces.

What is a Demolition Hammer

The demolition hammer is one of the power equipment tools specifically designed for the demolition of certain things or specific structures. It is also known as stomping hammers or jackhammer. Demolition hammer tools are strong enough to break down various materials such as concrete surfaces, wooden walls and tile flooring. These powerful tools can have the high impact energy on the particular area and are more useful for demolition tasks.

How to choose the right demolition hammer?

In order to choose the right rotary hammer drill, specific features like size and weight need to be considered. These have an impact on your demolition hammer’s performance too.

Choosing the right demolition hammer can give a powerful performance for heavy-duty tasks.

If you are looking for the demolition hammer for your tasks, then we at Hyundai provide you with a wide range of demolition hammer machines available online from the top brands that can meet all your requirements.

Hyundai Drill Features:

Our demolition hammer comprises of the following features:

  • Robust tool with extra protection against heat and dust,
  • Low repair costs,
  • Low weight and compact design for easy handling,
  • Great performance to weight ratio.

The price of this Demolition hammer falls between Rs. 10,500 to Rs. 40,000 depending upon your preferred model and type. So without further ado make a purchase by visiting any Hyundai outlet near you or ordering from us online here.