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Impact Drill

We at Hyundai never compromise on quality. Innovating is our key strategy and we constantly strive to produce user-friendly and reliable products every day. Our Impact drills sure serve this purpose well. Browse through our heavy-duty, high-torque, and battery-powered Impact Drills. Energy-efficient and with a small footprint, our impact drills are suited for any application. The capacity of Hyundai impact drills ranges from 600W to 1050W. It is a lightweight power tool that makes it perfect for all DIY projects.

What is an Impact Drill?

Impact drills or impact drivers are cordless drill-like tools used to loosen nuts and screws that a traditional screwdriver is unable to take out. Simultaneously, they also serve the purpose of tightening screws and nuts. Our Impact drills are high-torque and battery-powered and let you work efficiently under a budget. 

Electric Impact Drill vs Standard Drill

  • Impact drivers are stubby with shorter heads. 
  • The major difference, when compared to a standard drill/driver, is that it has a special impact driving mechanism that kicks-in, when the force exerted by the motor is not enough. 
  • Another key difference is that the impact drivers have hexagonal-shaped collets instead of a traditional 3-jaw chuck.
  • Impact drivers unlike drills have quick-release shanks that take all ¼-inch hex driver bits.
  • Impact drills have a high rotating force and can drive the biggest wood screws in a matter of mere seconds.

Functions of the Drill Machine

  • The major function of our impact driver is to provide an axial vibration to assist. Useful for rock or other impact drill bits,
  • Twist bits drill or cut by a force applied to the material being drilled. Impact during drilling would just dull the bit,
  • A masonry bit drills by crushing the material at the face of the bit therefore impact increases the frequency of rock crushing force applied.
  • Generally speaking, the bigger the chuck capacity, the larger the motor. 
  • Depending on the purpose for which it was designed, a drill can be single-speed, have two or three pre-set speeds, or incorporate a variable speed function.

How Do They Work?

With each rotation of the bit holder the motor applies impacts coupled with high levels of torque. And all of this comes from a cordless tool that usually has a very compact head length, making it perfect for driving screws in tight corners or hard-to-access places.

The prices are pretty impressive ranging between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,000 only. So get yourself up and running to the nearest Hyundai store or visit us online and place your order now before it’s too late!