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Circular Saw – Power Equipment

Hyundai’s collection of Circular Saws, also known as Power Saws, is an abrasive disc or blade that can be used for cutting different materials using a rotary motion. Ranging from a circular saw that can work on the power of 1150W to 1200W and to 2100W, Hyundai has it all. Our circular saw collection is super versatile and easy to use, making it ideal for sawing through countertops to install a sink or cutting intricate patterns for hobbies and DIY projects.

What is a Circular Saw

Circular saws, also known as saw cutters or power saws, are designed to cut through wood and other materials. They comprise of a sharp circular blade rotating at speed to create different rip cuts. These blades are available in different sizes and the cuts are created likewise too. If you are looking for a durable and powerful tool to cut through materials, Hyundai has got you covered.

How to Use Circular Saw Safely?

In order to ensure safety, there are a few steps you need to consider before using an electric circular saw:

  • Wear eye protection,
  • Select the blade appropriate to the job,
  • Firmly attach it to the saw, then adjust the sole plate for proper height and bevel for the job,
  • Plug into an electrical outlet safely, firmly hold handle,
  • Align the blade near the mark to be cut, press and cut carefully,
  • For safety, remember that the teeth are sharp and should not be placed on surfaces that they could damage.

Parts of Saw Cutter

The parts attached to assemble Hyundai electrical or power saw, are as follows:

  • Blade
  • Blade guard
  • Bevel adjustments
  • Trigger switch
  • Handles
  • Base plate
  • Depth adjustment.

Features of Hyundai Circular Saw

A good saw machine should have enough power and capacity to cut through any material, whether hard or soft from plastic to thick hardwood without breaking down. You should buy the saw considering the features below:

User friendly

The Hyundai circular saw machine fits appropriately in your hand. It is comfortable when handling the machine and adjusts properly when required. Therefore, it is definitely user-friendly.


Ranging from a circular saw that can work on the power of 1150W to 1200W and to 2100W, Hyundai has it all.

Blade size

Our most preferred and popular size is 7-1/4 inch. It allows cutting more than 3 inch thick materials effortlessly. Hence, we strongly recommend purchasing our powerful circular saw.

There are several other features you should ensure before purchasing – safety, style, and price. Speaking of which, the price is reasonable, ranging between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 14,000.

So grab your favorite products online or buy them from our nearest Hyundai outlet, before they get sold out!