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Hyundai’s monoblock pump is a copper wire motor with stainless steel impeller and a 0.15m length cable. It is a monoblock pump that can be used for both, industrial and domestic use. Our monoblock pump is a single segment mechanical machine with a horizontal end suction pump with a partially closed or an open runner. All rotating components on this pump are mounted on one single shaft. Hyundai monoblock pumps most popular due to their excellent properties, such as ease of use, extremely high speed, and scalability.

As mono means a single unit hence the monoblock pump is a pump device that strongly couples with a prime mover, such as a motor.  The significant parts of a monoblock pump are Motor assembly and Pump assembly. These pumps are mostly used industrial, rural or urban areas. The monoblock pumps are widely utilized in the household, industrial, and consumer applications such as mining drainage irrigation, public water supply, civil engineering, construction water supply, agriculture, and many other industrial applications.


The monoblock pumps have different types, and each type has a little bit different work & design than the other. The working of the monoblock pump is as follows:

  1. Firstly, the pump sucks fluid from the inlet valve and sends it into the impeller eye.
  2. When the fluid reaches in the impeller area, then with the help of centrifugal force, the impeller rotates the water axially.
  3. As the water passes through the impeller blades, these blades increase the speed of the fluid by converting its kinetic energy.
  4. After passing through the impeller area, the water enters in the diffuser or volute casing.
  5. The diffuser transforms the speed of the fluid into the pressure energy and increases the pressure of the fluid.
  6. After this, fluid discharges from the outlet valve and pumps to the desired area.


  • Hyundai monoblock pumps are suitable for pumping water up to a head of 93 m
  • Shielded ball bearings that withstand high temperatures
  • Good suction lift characteristics
  • Low watt loss stampings used in motors
  • High grade enameled copper wire
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protector for all single phase pumps
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts to minimize vibrations

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