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Hyundai Car Polisher in Pakistan

Hyundai’s Electric Polisher is a lightweight electric vehicle polisher with an ergonomic handle and grip regions for increased user comfort and reduced vibration. Ready to use and with an innovative body design, our polisher is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The operating power of this car polisher is 1300W and it works up to a voltage of 230V. It is lightweight, hence, portable, and can be used easily.

Gone are those days when you would have to go get car wax and polishes and manually spend an entire day scrubbing the dirt off your car, trying to get that polished and rebuffed finish. Whether you want to remove deep scratches from your vehicle, or just brighten and shine up your car’s paint, we at Hyundai have managed to bring to you our uniquely designed Car polisher.

Components of Hyundai Car Polisher

In power equipment, the Hyundai car polisher comes in 3 major components, which are:

1.    Polisher Spindle

  • Rotating spindle attached to motor that holds the backing plate.
  • Sometimes free spinning and sometimes fixed drive.

2.   Polisher Backing Plate

  • Rubber or plastic plate that attaches to spindle and holds the pad.
  • Often flexible.
  • Sometimes has a hook and loop on one side to hold polishing pads.

3.   Polisher Pad

  • Holds the polishing compound.
  • Can be made of foam, microfiber, wool, or a combination of them all.

Functions of Hyundai Car Polisher

  • Rotates in single direction,
  • Directly driven by motor,
  • Variable speed,
  • Outer diameter of pad spins faster than inside diameter,
  • Pad and backing plate spin at different axis than the spindle,
  • Pad and backing plate rotation can be forced or free spinning,
  • Circular rotation with axis at the center of the spindle.

So rush to your nearby Hyundai Power store or visit our website online to purchase your favorite Hyundai appliances and products.