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Power Sprayer – Agricultural Products

Power sprayers or agriculture sprayers are essential for the management and health of crops. They are used for spraying liquid substances like herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on plants and crops.  Superior performance with widespread applicability, the Hyundai power sprayer is the best in class, featuring a discharge volume of 35.8CC and a 1.2Hp engine for maximum power with little downtime.


As diverse as it could be, an agriculture power sprayer does not serve just one purpose, instead has numerous uses to manage and maintain the health of crops and plants. The uses of the Hyundai power sprayer are as follows:

1. Spraying herbicides or fungicides

Our power sprayer is used to spray fungicides by mixing them with water and then spraying them onto crops to control any fungi or unwanted vegetation growth.

2. Pest control

Hyundai solo power sprayer is useful in pest control. Pesticides are mixed with water and sprayed on the affected crops to eliminate infestation.

3. Liquid fertilizer application

Our power sprayer ensures efficient distribution of fertilizer to the crops. This method is extremely effective due to its ability to target specific crops without losing liquid to evaporation or weather conditions such as wind.

4. Irrigation and hydration

In order to clean any leftover deposits before harvest, high-pressure power sprayers are used to clean the plants. These may also be used to cool insects and livestock kept to meet various agricultural purposes. 

Our Hyundai power sprayers are affordable. The price lies between Rs. 25,000- Rs. 30,000. At Hyundai, we work to provide maximum customer satisfaction and never compromise on our product quality. You might want to try it for yourself. Go rush to our nearest store or visit us online here.