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Rotary Hammer – Power Equipment

Hyundai compact Rotary hammers with superior power and lightweight design are perfect for all heavy-duty jobs. The power of these models ranges from 650W to 1500W and can incur impact delivery of up to 5 J. Moreover, their enhanced durability and optimized gear housing set ensure efficient clearance of the most rigid surfaces which include wood, concrete, and steel. A rotary hammer is designed for frequent drilling in concrete. Large rotary hammers are used for heavy-duty demolition work.

What is a Rotary Hammer and How Does it Work?

A rotary hammer operates in much the same fashion as a drill. However, unlike a standard cordless drill that simply spins the drill bit into the material, this power tool uses a hammering action designed to break up concrete. So, as the drill goes into the concrete the pulsing action of the rotary drill breaks the material apart at the same time. 

The rotary hammer drill is the perfect tool for drilling into hard materials such as concrete because it can effectively punch holes without tearing the material all up. A rotary hammer should not be mistaken for a demolition hammer which is specifically designed to break up concrete into smaller pieces. 

Key Features

  • Our rotary hammer is a heavy-duty tool and pulsates with hammering blows at the end of each drill.
  • The SDS chucks allow the drill bits to move in and out.
  • You can use our rotary hammer drill with a hammering motion, a drill-only mode, or a hammer-only option for demolition work.

Grease type for Rotary Hamer

Greasing your rotary hammer drill machine is a must to prevent premature tool and tool bushing. The tool must be pressed against a hard surface until it stops up inside the hammer. This ensures proper distribution of grease between the tool and tool bushings.

An electric rotary hammer drill’s internal gearing is assembled using lithium grease and is not user serviceable. If yours takes the SDS-MAX bits, there is a special grease to lubricate the splines with every use.  We recommend cleaning it off with a paper towel before putting the tool and bits away.

The type of grease used is very important. We recommend a Lithium Base, Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) or other surface protecting additives, EP (Extreme Pressure), NLGI #2 grease. High drop point (500°F, 260°C) grease is also desirable.

The prices vary from between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 19,000 and we assure you will not regret your decision. So rush to your nearest Hyundai outlet or visit our online store to make a purchase!