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Air Compressor – Power Equipment

Browse through our collection of dependable industrial Hyundai air compressors with the lowest life cycle cost. Energy-efficient and with a small footprint, our air compressors are suited for any application. Running on 230V, the air compressors range from 1.5HP to 2 HP. The tank capacity of the air compressor lies between 24l to 50l. These air compressors have perfect airflow and are easy to use.

Overview of Air Compressors

An air compressor takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure. Air compressors are a compulsory part of construction sites and are available in various different types having unique features. Hyundai air compressors include reciprocating compressors, rotary screw air compressors, oil-free air compressors, and a wide range of compressed air dryer solutions. Others include coolers that lower the temperature of the compressed air. Air compressors with paper or polyester filters that remove oil, dust, vapors, and other debris are also available. Oil-free air is especially important in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing as well as food processing, where as little as one part per billion (ppb) of oil is unacceptable.

Air compressors can be costly as well as cheap depending on which type you require. Air compressor price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 20,000 to as high as Rs. 60,000. For commercial purposes, air compressors are used in industries like mining, power generation, paper manufacturing, and chemicals too.

Features of Our Portable Air Compressor:

Hyundai offers a wide range of reliable air compressors which have distinct features including;

Adjustable exhaust 

The adjustable exhaust allows for the air compressor to be cleaned properly and its utilization is made easier too. You can adjust the exhaust operation according to its usage. Hyundai makes sure customers are treated right, every step of the way.

Storage capability

Our portable air compressors are designed with proper storage capability and hence are made user-friendly too. Some air compressors are equipped with driers (dry compressors) which remove the condensation that is created during compression.

Energy efficient

Hyundai air compressors are made energy efficient. We make sure that all our products are made to save energy because we know what importance energy holds in our country. Hence, our portable air compressors use the stored air and energy for later use.

You should not waste any further time and rush to your nearest Hyundai store or visit us online to make a purchase!