Chainsaw – Power Equipment

Hyundai chainsaw features a lightweight design that packs excellent power, all the while providing value for users. It does a quick job for all trimming, cutting, and other power-hungry tasks that are needed around the yard. Chainsaws are power-operated tools for cutting wood like trees, among other things. They come in small, portable battery-operated sizes too large engines that take two men to operate.

Hyundai’s chainsaw has a robust design to ensure that all safety measures are taken care of. Our chainsaws are portable tools and use a metal bars of varying lengths to guide a toothed chain in a circular motion to cut through wood.

How Does Hyundai Chainsaw Work?

The motor (gasoline or electric) of our chainsaw pulls a linked chain in a loop around the bar. The chain has a number of scoop-shaped teeth. Each tooth slices a thin shaving of wood that it is pressed against, In between the scoop-shaped teeth are hooked-shaped teeth- called rakers. They drag the cut slices of wood out of the cut on the wood. The motor turns a clutch operated sprocket, that drives the chain around the bar (or more rarely, the bow) of the saw.

 Chainsaw Uses

Our chainsaw is used for the following purposes:

  1. Cutting down trees and branches
  2. Turning logs into lumber
  3. Chopping firewood
  4. Sculpting foliage

Hyundai Chainsaw Features

If the safety features are not in proper working order in a chainsaw, the operator must not use the saw and should send it for repairs. Some of the safety features in our Hyundai chainsaws are as follows:

  1. Chain Brake: Chain brakes are used to prevent any unwanted accidents when using our chainsaw. They can be engaged by pushing the handguard and should be done so before starting the chainsaw.
  2. Chain Catcher: The chain catcher is designed to catch and stop a chain that has broken with the guide bar. Our chainsaw is made with the assurance that this piece is fully intact and not broken before operating the saw.
  3. Spark Arrestor: This is part of the exhaust system and helps prevent sparks from leaving the saw and creating fires. The engine will not run if the spark arrestor is blocked, and it should be cleaned with cleaner fluid.

So rush to your nearest Hyundai outlet or shop online and purchase the product of your choice!