Hyundai Power Tiller – Agricultural Products

Hyundai power tillers are made with state-art-of-the-technology owing to the fact that Hyundai is a name of pre-eminence. Our motto “New thinking, new possibilities” well explains our stance. With premium quality built and made to last, Hyundai power tillers are brilliantly engineered. The power tillers have two variants tilling up to 3 and 5 feet under the ground with 24 and 40 blades ensuring smooth operation without obstructions. Weighing just around 72 and 140Kg makes these powerful machines the best in class and will serve every purpose.

What is a Power Tiller?

Power tillers are widely used for rotary or revolving cultivation in wet soil. They work on small as well as large farms mostly on terrains where maneuvering a tractor is impractical. Unlike tractors, which are heavy and can compact the soil with their weight and till deeper than necessary, power tillers till only to the required depth, softening and loosening the soil as they do, and making it easier to plant rice and paddy in the water submerged fields without any danger of drowning the plants under water.

Hyundai tiller machines or power tillers are priced according to customer preferences and let you invest in something that has great value for later use as well. The price normally ranges somewhere between Rs. 110,000 to as high as Rs. 165,000.

Hyundai Power Tiller Functions

Our tiller machine is energy efficient and has several other functions. These are as follows;

  • It replaces animal power effectively
  • Raises demand for human labor
  • Designed with 1.5 HP engine to push agricultural equipment
  •  The power tiller correctly seeds the crop to be planted
  • Warms the soil before planting.

Types of Power Tillers

  • Mini Tillers- suited for gardeners with limited strength
  •  Mid-sized frontline tillers suitable for home gardening and moderate tilling
  • Large-sized rear time tillers-useful for tilling large areas.

 Interesting Power Tiller Facts

 The power tiller can be used in almost all agricultural operations that demand labor which;

  • Allows expansion of cultivable land
  • Improves quality of work and products
  • Reduces drudgery in farming and makes work more attractive
  • Improves timeliness of farm operations
  • Enables easy accomplishment of tasks that are difficult to perform
  • Frees up the time of farmers for other farm operations

So what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest Hyundai store and get your hands on our durable power tillers or visit us online.