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Hyundai Air Conditioners – Aster Series

Hyundai Aster Series has by far been introduced as one of the modern, new generation Air Conditioners in town. We understand the importance of Air Conditioners and keeping into consideration all the aspects, our DC Inverter Air Conditioners guarantee comfort in every season. In Home Appliances, Hyundai Air Conditioners – Aster Series has introduced two models: Hyundai DC Inverter AC Aster Series 1 ton HAC-12KA and 1.5 ton HAC-18KA.

These elegantly designed ACs add an aesthetic element to your living space and are instilled with special features such as High-Density Filter, Long Air Throw, 4D Swing, and 5 fan speed; these Air Conditioners are capable of working at up to a minimum of 155 volts. The bigger indoor and outdoor units of the ACs cool your room faster. Since the compressor in DC Inverter AC does not start and stop, and the bigger units play their part, the machinery does not wear or tear anytime soon. The Air Conditioners in Aster Series work up to 52 degrees Celsius to ensure flawless performance, select the 1 ton AC for a 120 sq ft. room. Similarly, 1.5 Ton AC will be a perfect fit to cool the room up to 168 sq. ft.

The distinct features of these Air Conditioners include Rare Earth Compressor which gives silent and stable performance while saving energy. Additionally, Hyundai uses Gold Fin technology, both in indoor and outdoor units. The Gold Fin Technology prevents the Condenser Coils from corroding, ensuring durability. Moreover, these Air Conditioners have a Turbo Cooling technique. Turn your Air Conditioner to Turbo, and it shall cool/heat the room efficiently. The Air Conditioners should not only heat/cool the space but also provide fresh air. Hyundai understands these necessities completely; hence, they installed Silver Ions in the machine. The Silver Ions kill the bacteria and germs and purify the air for you. Moreover, the Self/Auto Cleaning Function and Filter Cleaning Reminder make Hyundai Air Conditioners unparalleled.