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Electric Router – Power Equipment

Hyundai brings to you our state-of-the-art technology Electric Router. Our electric router packs all the power you need to complete even the most difficult tasks. With no load speed and input power of 1500W, the capacity of 220V~50Hz, you can rest assured powering through jobs would be effortless.

An electric router routs an area in hard material like plastic or wood. Woodworkers use our portable electric router and benefit from its robust design and easy to use machine. Hyundai aims to provide quality and we assure you, buying our electric router will make your life easy!


Electric router is a versatile power tool with a rotating spindle and flat base extending over the base. You can operate the spindle by an electric motor or a pneumatic motor. Routers are most widely used in woodworking, cabinetry to be precise. Our portable electric machine routs (hollows out) an area in hard material, such as wood or plastic. These may be handheld or affixed to router tables. A router’s power is measured in horsepower, with more horsepower allowing faster work as the motor can power through jobs without getting bogged down.

An electric router or hand router (as it is called) can create all kinds of edge profiles; can be used to level uneven wood and to square wood edges. The electric router and its bench-mounted analog, the spindle shaper, have largely displaced hand routers, either pushed like a plane or pulled like a drawknife, formerly used by woodworkers for cutting grooves and shaping edges.

Hyundai Electric router is available in two models. You can choose either one of the two depending on your requirements. These are both reasonably priced at Rs. 12,800 and Rs. 13,700 respectively. So, without having to dig deep into your pocket, you can benefit from amazing quality products. Rush to your nearest Hyundai outlet or make your purchase online!