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Hyundai Angle Grinders in Pakistan – Power Equipment

Angle Grinders by Hyundai, also known as disc grinders or grinding machines, are one of the most powerful and reliable tools for tradesmen, and Hyundai is proud to have a variety of them. The power compatibility of these models ranges from 780W to 2400W and can function up to 230V. These angle grinders are light in weight and have high rotation speed, which makes them a perfect tool.

At Hyundai, quality is our top priority; hence we try to tap into each and every new possibility and opportunity in the market and produce ultimate quality products. Our angle cutter is one such product too. An angle grinding machine is basically used to cut through tiles and bricks and is used for paving grind concrete. The hand grinder is also used to remove rust and paint as well. Hyundai has priced these very reasonably so that customers across Pakistan can purchase them without having to dig deep holes in their pockets. Angle Grinder price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 20,000, depending on the type you wish to buy.

The grinding machines we make are portable to carry around and have a single wheel. The two basic operations of our baby grinder include:

  • Rough Grinding, for example, trimming surfaces, grinding the parting line left on castings, removing flash on forgings, the excess metal on welds, cracks, as well as imperfections on alloy steel billets.
  • Precision Grinding is done with specially shaped grinding wheels that grind the formed surfaces as in grinding gear teeth, threads, shafts, holes, spheres, etc.

Functions of Hyundai Angle Grinder:

  • Hyundai’s angle grinder is a form of portable grinder resembling a hand drill with a grinding wheel mounted on its spindle.
  • Our portable grinder has a grinding wheel on the end of a long flexible shaft driven by a motor on a relatively stationary stand.
  • The baby grinder or hand grinder can be easily moved about and may be used to the advantage of removing a comparatively small amount of stock from widely separated areas.
  • The angle grinder can be utilized for both small tasks as well as heavy workloads.

So, what are you waiting for? Hyundai’s durable and reliable range of angle grinders is your next go-to purchase. Visit our website here or rush to your nearest Hyundai store.