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Microwave Ovens in Pakistan – Hyundai Pk

Enjoy food like never before with Hyundai’s premium microwave line that brings fresh food to your loved ones. It hosts different preset power levels, a child lock system, Eco mode, and a jet and weight defrost system to cook yummy food effortlessly for the family. At Hyundai Power, reliability and quality are our top priorities and our microwave range fulfills our goals. A microwave oven is a very versatile kitchen appliance that offers a whole range of uses.

Hyundai microwave ovens can hold weight from 20 liters till up to 45 liters and the range of our microwave oven price in Pakistan is Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 30,000. But just knowing the prices isn’t always enough when it comes to purchasing the right appliances for your kitchen requirements. Hence, Hyundai has made sure our microwave ovens are conventional, modern and combination as well alongside

Hyundai Microwave Oven’s Uses

Hyundai microwave ovens can be used to:

  • Reheat and cook food,
  • Disinfect kitchen items,
  • Make citrus fruits juicier,
  • Heat beauty products,
  • Roast garlic,
  • De-crystallize honey, and,
  • Proof yeast

Features of Hyundai Microwave Ovens

Some of the features in our Hyundai microwave ovens include:

1.      Child-lock Menu

By putting up a lock code, the child lock menu in our microwave ovens ensures the safety of children at home. You do not need to worry about your children meeting with unexpected hazards or accidents at the hand of our microwave ovens.

2.      Auto-cook Menu

Another feature is the auto-cook menu which allows the user to set the weight and select the type of dish to cook, automatically setting the power as well as the cooking time.

3.      Timer

The timer feature in Hyundai’s microwave oven allows the user to set the start and end time of a cooking or heating procedure. This feature like the rest is carefully installed to monitor the needs and satisfaction of our consumers.

4.      Defrost

This option allows the user to unfreeze or thaw any frozen items immediately. Our microwave ovens are made with precision according to consumer needs and meeting quality standards, hence you do not have to worry about the food being defrosted unevenly.

5.      Pre-heat

Before cooking certain recipes like cakes or pastas etc, you can use the pre-heat feature in our microwave ovens to preheat your oven to a set temperature before baking, grilling or cooking food.

So, without wasting any further time or thought, rush to your nearest Hyundai outlet or visit our online website and make a purchase.