Hyundai Tubular Battery Specs & Review

Hyundai’s tall standing/desktop tubular batteries offer a distinctive design and their latest technology makes them highly efficient and the most superior quality batteries available in the market.
They also give a lot more powerful performance back up than most of the batteries out there due to their higher energy density under extraordinary states of pressure.
Moreover, these batteries have been specially crafted keeping in mind each and every aspect of usability, durability, and reliability since they offer a shelf life of 2300 cycles meaning that they would last up to 4 years as compared to the other batteries available in the market which only last for maximum one season with very less performance back up.
Built on the highly impactful latest technology, these batteries run on very low maintenance costs in turn saving you from frequent repair hassles.
The chemicals that these batteries are formulated with assure that these batteries are blast free and risk-averse.
In addition to this, Hyundai’s tubular batteries are capable of working on high voltages and maintaining the longest charge retention.
Since Hyundai is always on its toes in the after-sales service processes of all its products, it offers the same for its tubular batteries and adheres to any complains in the least possible time and provides guaranteed best services.

Hyundai DC Inverter AC Flair Series Top 10 Features

Hyundai’s wall mounted premium DC inverter air conditioners offer unique design and composition and the latest Korean technology infused in these inverters makes them the best value for money air conditioners in the market.

The Flair series DC inverter air conditioners recently been introduced by Hyundai have specifically been named after peculiarity that stands apart.

These Direct Current (DC) inverter air conditioners deliver highly powerful heat and cool function in one big indoor and outdoor unit along with the following extensive features:

1) Twin rotator compressor:

In the latest, newly launched Flair series DC inverters, Hyundai has revolutionized into top of the line twin rotator compressor technology which is also the Unique selling point of Hyundai’s DC inverter air conditioners. The twin rotator compressor comprises of simultaneous dual rotation of the compressor which makes the operation of the DC inverter unit much more stable and increases its efficiency and power to a whole new level.

2) Elevated energy saving capacity:

In its Flair DC inverter air conditioners series, Hyundai has significantly raised the energy saving capacity of the DC inverters up to 75% so the air conditioning units gradually consume even lesser power as the cooling occurs to provide you stress free super relaxing cooling experience.

3) Built in WIFI:

Moreover, in these proactive, technologically advanced times, these Flair DC inverter air conditioners have been incorporated with a built in WIFI so that you can control your ac and monitor the stats from your smart phone.

4) T3 compressor like mechanization:

Hyundai has for the very first time advances into T3 compressor like technology in its Flair DC inverter air conditioners which lets the DC inverter air conditioner unit function to its fullest ability with its Turbo cooling in temperatures ranging up to 60 degree Celsius in the hot summers.

5) 4D swing function:

This distinctive feature of 4D swing longer air throw function makes Hyundai’s Flair DC inverter air conditioners even more magnanimous and powerful as it makes the DC inverter’s cooling operation luxurious and heavy duty.

6) Golden fin indoor and outdoor condensers:

Hyundai’s Flair DC inverter air conditioners are incorporated with golden fin chemical coated indoor and outdoor condensers which make the air conditioners rust free to give them much longer sustainable lives with tougher durability to resist any kinds of leakages.

7) Silver ions:

As we take special care to provide you with bacteria free purified and clean air, our Flair series DC inverters come with specially instilled silver ions so that you can enjoy absolutely clear bacteria free fresh air.

8) Bigger indoor and outdoor BTU units:

Our Flair DC inverter air conditioners, available in 1 ton and 1.5 ton are specially formulated with a bigger indoor + bigger outdoor unit with full BTU’s capacity of 18000 units enabling them to deliver better than ever supremely efficient performance.

9) Minimum 165 volts soft start up:

Having observed the rise in varied and fluctuating voltages, our Flair DC inverters are made to serve soft start with zero current impact as they only require a minimum of 165 V for startup.

10) Auto cleaning:

Keeping in view the increase in pollution, Hyundai’s Flair DC inverter air conditioners also offer unique auto clean feature which lets you relish self-regulated cleaning with just a click of a button along with filter cleaning reminder.

Along with an extensive quality control, we also offer 5 years’ compressor warranty + 1 year services warranty for all our DC inverter air conditioners.