Hyundai Tubular Battery Specs & Review

Hyundai’s tall standing/desktop tubular battery offers a distinctive design and their latest technology makes them highly efficient and the most superior quality batteries available in the market.

They also give a lot more powerful performance back up than most of the batteries out there due to their higher energy density under extraordinary states of pressure.

Moreover, these batteries have been specially crafted keeping in mind each and every aspect of usability, durability, and reliability since they offer a shelf life of 2300 cycles meaning that they would last up to 4 years as compared to the other batteries available in the market which only last for maximum one season with very less performance back up.

Built on the highly impactful latest technology, these batteries run on very low maintenance costs in turn saving you from frequent repair hassles.

The chemicals that these batteries are formulated with assure that these batteries are blast free and risk-averse.

In addition to this, Hyundai’s tubular batteries are capable of working on high voltages and maintaining the longest charge retention.

Since Hyundai is always on its toes in the after-sales service processes of all its products, it offers the same for its tubular batteries and adheres to any complains in the least possible time and provides guaranteed best services.

4 thoughts on “Hyundai Tubular Battery Specs & Review

  1. Israel says:

    How come I tried buying this batteries in Islamabad but I was informed that I can only get a 9 months warranty on the battery life but here you put that the battery life is minimum of 4 years…

    1. Saleh Irfan says:

      Life of battery and warranty, these two things are totally different.
      minimum life of battery means this battery has a life of more than 4 years.
      and warranty means you will get support from the company for 9 months.
      Thanks & regards

  2. Muhammad khan says:

    can I buy one battery online in Islamabad

    1. Saleh Irfan says:

      No sir, please visit our nearest dealer to buy. Thanks

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