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Hyundai Pressure Booster Pump

Hyundai’s pressure booster pump is a device that can help to increase the low water pressure flow. It is a high-quality pressure booster pump that works on a voltage of 220-240V. A booster pump is a device that increases low water pressure as well as flow. In order to bring the water pressure to its desired level, a water booster pump acts as an extra boost.

A water booster pump is responsible for providing pressure to move water from a storage tank, a house, or a commercial facility to the desired location. As the water flows from the tank toward the desired area, friction and other losses in the pipeline can cause energy losses. This loss of energy stops water from reaching the upper floors of high-rise houses.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

  • Gravity
  • Distance from the water source
  • Additional water systems
  • Plumbing problems
  • Low city water pressure

How Does a Pressure Booster Pump Work?

A water pressure or booster pump functions as follows:

  • Water is introduced from the water source into the pump,
  • The impeller blades supply kinetic energy and increase the water speed,
  • The water moves into the diffuser.
  • The diffuser or volute casing converts the speed of the water into pressure.
  • The pressure of the water thus increases and transfers it to the desired height or location.

Since a booster pump is responsible for improving the flow rate, a booster pump works more like a fan. A water pressure pump has an impeller inside that works to increase the water flow and pressure just like a fan with blades which improve and regulate air movement. The booster pump works with the help of a built-in expansion tank. The principle of operation of the pump is to bring water into the tank, which runs along with the airbag (already inside the tank). This compresses the air in the airbag, and the water builds up pressure.

Our Hyundai booster pumps are priced reasonably without digging deep into our customer’s costs. The prices vary from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 depending on which ones you prefer from our pump range.

Booster Pumps for Home

Booster pressure pumps for home are basically electrically driven centrifugal pumps with a non-return valve. These are either constant speed pumps or variable-speed pumps. Constant speed pumps turn on when pressure falls below a set point and these turn off the moment pressure rises over the high set-point. Variable speed pumps, on the other hand, are adjusted to keep the water pressure constant. Hyundai offers reliable and durable booster pumps for installation at home as well.

Core Components of Hyundai Pressure Booster Pumps

The main components of our booster pumps are as follows;

  • Impellers
  • Motor
  • Inlet and outlet
  • Pressure or flow sensing device.

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