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Hyundai Air Conditioners: Everything You Need to Know

by Basim Qadri 26 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Hyundai through DC Inverter Air Conditioners has introduced several high-tech features that have brought a significant change in the realm of regular Air Conditioners. The features that our ACs offer ensure a comfortable and peaceful environment, so your house must feel like a home. While viewing the distinct features of Hyundai Air Conditioners, you may come across some technical jargon. To better understand these terminologies and features, read the function of each feature below and get the best out of Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners.


Rare Earth Compressor

Compressors play a pivotal role in the functioning of DC Inverter Air Conditioners. To enhance its function, Hyundai uses Rare Earth Compressor in Air Conditioners. A Rare Earth Compressor ensures AC’s stable, effective and efficient performance while consuming minimal energy. It is due to the minimum integrated shaft structure in the Rare Earth Compressor that ensures it consumes less energy. Along with these features, it is adamant about making the least amount of noise while functioning.

Furthermore, Hyundai uses the latest model that is laced with sound-absorbing materials. Hence, it has the lowest operation sound. At Hyundai Power, you will find Air Conditioners engineered using top-notch material with advanced features.

Gold Fin Technology

The Condenser Coils are a pivotal element of any Air Conditioner. Preventing them from rusting and corroding is crucial to ensure hassle-free performance. The rusting and corrosion will lead to the leakage of the refrigerant. Usually, AC Manufacturers use copper or aluminum to manufacture the AC coils. If compared, copper is more expensive than aluminum. Most manufacturers combine the two metals to save cost. Consequently, the two react and corrode. This is commonly known as Galvanic Corrosion. Moreover, the AC Condenser tubes are prone to water, humidity, and acidic salts that are present in the air. These factors aid in corrosion and affect the performance of an Air Conditioner.

To protect the condenser from deterioration, manufacturers gold coat the coils. This technique is known as Gold Fin Technology, and these condensers are commonly known as Hydrophilic condensers. This technology is one of the features among the Anti-Rust Technology. Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners use this technology both in their indoor and outdoor units to ensure safety and durability.

Similar to ‘T3 Technology’

Hyundai Air Conditioners are composed of T3 comparative technology which enhances the twin rotary compressor’s functioning. Previously, the compressors used T1 technology, meaning the compressors worked with one larger torque. This technique worked perfectly in areas with moderate climates but did not work fine in areas with higher temperatures. The T3 like technology, on the other hand, uses the twin rotary compressor, and the outside unit does not need any shelter. It works uninterruptedly in hot climates. Moreover, our Air Conditioners have a powerful working capacity of working up to 53 degrees Celsius. Hyundai Air Conditioners use technology that is similar to T3 and Twin Rotary Compressor to guarantee peace and comfort.

Twin Rotator Compressor

There is no lie to the fact that the compressor is the heart of any air conditioner. The function of a compressor is to use the compressed refrigerant in order to cool down the room. A good quality compressor ensures the durability of the AC. Hyundai Air Conditioners use Twin Rotator Compressor. Since the workload doubles for the compressors in inverter-type air conditioners, their rpm range (revolutions per minute) increases. The twin rotator compressor technique ensures high efficiency, less vibration, and consequently causes less noise.

Regular Compressors have a single and a large torque that, when rotates, vibrates a lot, producing more noise and causing the machine to wear and tear soon. On the other hand, the advanced type Twin Rotary Compressor has two smaller torques installed that divide each other’s tasks and revolves in a manner that causes less noise. Even the twin rotary torques have further types as well. One of them rotates slowly and roughly, which causes friction in the machinery. The other one moves smoothly, hence no noise. Hyundai Air Conditioners use the second type that makes our Air Conditioners one of a kind.

Intelligent Defrost

The Coils in the outside unit are covered in ice at times. (when the outside temperature drops) This affects the functioning of the Air Conditioner, for it will stop working. To save your time and effort, ACs laced with new generation technology have an Intelligent Defrosting system. When the coils are covered in ice, the outside unit goes into defrosting mode. The inside unit stops working for a while, and usually, the users are notified by an indicating light that turns on. The outside system keeps making a whooshing sound, and as soon as the defrosting is done, the inside unit starts working. Hyundai Air Conditioners are adamant about ensuring your comfort. Hence, all of our Air Conditioners are laced with high-end features and advanced technology.

Turbo Cooling

The Turbo feature enables your DC inverter AC to cool or warm your room effectively and efficiently. Set your AC to Turbo cool, and the AC will reach the desired temperature in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you cannot change the temperature of the AC. It adjusts the cooling or heating system according to the requirements of the room. After the said time, the AC will return to functioning in the mode it was set to before you turned the Turbo Cooling on.

5 Fan Speed Mode

The 5 Fan Speed Mode in Hyundai Air Conditioners makes sure to regulate the speed of the compressor. It brings its speed between 40 to 120% and optimizes energy consumption. This enhancement ensures effective and efficient cooling.

I Set & I Feel Function

Usually, in regular Air Conditioners, there is a sensor in the indoor unit that senses the temperature around the unit and tries to regulate the room temperature. The setback to the feature is that it senses the temperature around the unit and not the complete room. Hence, it does not work in an effective manner, leading to discomfort. The I Feel Function in our Air Conditioners is a sensor installed in the indoor unit as well as the remote control. The remote controller senses the surrounding temperature and sends signals to the indoor unit. Then the unit tries to regulate the temperature according to the requirement of the room, ensuring effective cooling and comfort.

Sleep Mode

While sleeping, we do not need as much cooling, for the body regulates temperature on its own. When you set your Air Conditioner to sleep mode, it decreases 0.5 to 1 degree of temperature per hour. This function ensures to keep the temperature of the AC to the point where neither you freeze nor you melt, ensuring comfort all night long.

4D Swing Function

Numerous Air Conditioners work on a 2-way swing blade that cools down the room on an up and down mechanism. The 4D Swing Function, on the other hand, works omnidirectionally, meaning it cools down the room uniformly with horizontal and vertical swing utility. DC Inverter Air Conditioners already work diligently to cool down the room efficiently. Such features make sure to enhance its performance and make your room nothing less than heaven.

Long Air Throw

In regular Air Conditioners, you have to shift the wings of the AC every now and then, so it may cool down the room in uniformity. Hyundai Air Conditioners have Long Air Throw. They make sure that the cool or warm air reaches you in every corner efficiently and effectively.

Silver Ions

The ducts and the coils in the Air Conditioner are usually prone to water and moisture. In such conditions, fungi, mold, or harmful bacteria find their habitat in the Air Conditioner. Making it harmful and hazardous to breathe in such an environment, for you may fall prey to allergies and other health conditions. Silver Ions avidly disable the active bacteria or germs. The Silver Ions installed in the filters of the Hyundai Air Conditioners ensure safe and fresh breathing air.

High-Density Filter

What good is an air conditioner if it does not provide you with a cool as well as clean and fresh air to breathe? Similar to Silver Ions, High-Density Filter works tirelessly to provide you with cleansed air. Hyundai Air Conditioners understand that cooling down the room should not be the only purpose of the AC. It should be providing clean, fresh, and healthy air as well. Hence, Hyundai ACs have installed High-Density Filters. This filter makes sure that not even a single or smallest of dust particles reach you. It alters the polluted air into fresh and healthy air. Moreover, it also protects your AC from corroding and uncertain malfunctioning.

Self/Auto Cleaning – Filter Cleaning Reminders

Filters are one of the essential parts of any Air Conditioner, and keeping them clean is vital for the sake of fresh air as well as in the cooling of the room. That is why maintaining and catering to your AC’s needs is crucial. The Auto Cleaning function in Air Conditioners enables them to remove dust from the filters in a matter of a few minutes.

Similarly, some Air Conditioners notify you to clean the filters. A notifying light flickers on the Air Conditioner. The frequency of these notifications depends on the climate of the area where the AC is installed. For instance, if your area is prone to sandstorms or heavily polluted, then you may receive weekly notifications and vice versa. If your AC does not have these two functions, try to clean your filters every two weeks for impeccable service.

Hyundai Air Conditioners have combined these features in several types of AC series, i.e., Aster Series, Flair Series, Vogue Series, Maestro Series, Elegant Series, and A Series. All these advanced and latest technologies and features make sure that you have the best experience with our ACs. So, visit Hyundai Power now and choose the best air conditioner for your living space.

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