Die Grinder – Power Equipment

Hyundai had proved to be one of a kind in the industry for decades. We believe that quality surpasses every other thing in this field. Grinding and material removal with a lightweight design ensures a speedy fix for any job. Hyundai die grinders are excellent as they are equipped with 450W operating power that features 27,000/min idle rotation speed and provides more excellent finish quality for various surfaces.

Ever wondered why it is called a die grinder? The die grinder got its name from the original purpose for which it was developed. That is to grind the dies used in tooling. These include metal stamping dies, plastic molds, die-casting dies, forging dies, etc.


A die grinder is considered to be a powerful tool used to buff the surfaces of various objects. It is used for polishing and these operate by using attachments known as die grinder bits much like drill bits. These bits are connected to the die grinder by a collet (a small cylindrical device). Though die grinders are most often associated with cutting or smoothing metal, some can also be used on plastic and wood. They come in a variety of sizes and can be either straight or angled.

Hyundai Die Grinder

The prices of our Hyundai die grinder are reasonable without you having to spend a lot for refurbishing. The price varies from Rs.4500 to Rs.5500. So without wasting a minute, go and grab your favorite Hyundai product or visit us online before we get sold out!