Jig Saw – Power Equipment

Hyundai jig saw is a top of the line tool that delivers precise cutting and is compatible with a wide range of versatile materials. Equipped with a high-quality chopper motor, the jig saw has a capacity of up to 220V-50Hz, and can withstand severe punishment.

Many jigsaws are available with variable speed options. If used in conjunction with the correct blade, using a jigsaw is most suitable for intricate cutting jobs. Mains powered jigsaws are generally more powerful than cordless models, so a corded jigsaw is the best for heavy work such as cuttings hardwoods or other tough materials. However, cordless models have the advantage that they can be used where mains electricity is not available.


A jig saw is a power tool comprising of a blade used to cut differently shaped curves. From cutting metal pipes to masonry materials, a jig saw is a versatile tool.


Jigsaws are most commonly used for cutting wooden sections, upcycling or refurbishing materials. The types of materials that can be cut with a jigsaw include:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Metal

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