Brush Cutter – Power Equipment

Hyundai has a wide range of reliable and durable products. At Hyundai, we aim to provide optimum satisfaction and premium quality. Hyundai brush cutter or grass cutter, therefore, is your best choice. Our brush cutter is ideal for all sorts of inaccessible places, including bushes and areas around trees. The lightweight design and efficient brush for the brush cutter makes it a perfect gardening tool. It has 2 variants i.e. HBC 139 and HBC 52.  HBC 139 can reach a max speed of about 10,500rpm as compared to HBC 52 which works at 9500 rmp with the unit having Air cooled engine.

What is a Brush Cutter Used For?

Ideally, brush cutters are used to clear grass, small bushes and weed. Our grass cutter is a robust machine as compared to a grass trimmer and has a variety of options for its usage i.e. engine, batteries and electric. You can perform functions like trimming grass, clearing shrubs as well as shredding smaller trees if you have the right accessories. In order to increase its operating range, a more elongate shaft can be attached to the brush cutter.

Hyundai Brush Cutter Features:

  •  Powerful enough for the vegetation you wish to clear.
  • Suitable for professional use besides its long service life.
  • The handlebar can be placed at an angle relative to shaft, hence reducing uneven load on your back.
  • Excellent vibration to work throughout longer stretches without draining energy.
  • Comfortable storage and transport aided by the handlebar correctly angled. 

Brush Cutter Uses:

Hyundai brush cutter is more suited to tougher jobs which your line trimmer may not be able to handle. Our electric brush or grass cutter is used for the following;

  1.   Thick vegetation
  2.   Bushes, scrubs and brambles
  3.   Tall, rough grass and weeds
  4.   Small hedges having trunks.

We assure you, you will not get disappointed with the performance and results of our grass cutter. Also, our brush cutter ranges are reasonably priced Rs. 30,000- Rs. 37,000) saving those extra pennies you could spend elsewhere. So, hurry to Hyundai’s outlet near you or make your purchase online here.