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Why Use Hyundai Pressure Washers Over Traditional Tools Of Cleaning?


In power equipment, Hyundai pressure washers are your ultimate go to indoor and outdoor cleaning machines of this era because of their hi tech and thorough high pressure cleansing technology.

These pressure washers are specifically built not only to clean your vehicles and outdoor areas but can be very effectively used to clean surfaces such as your carpets and floors. Also, they can be very conveniently used to clean the choked mess inside your air conditioners and even heavily water your garden.

Moreover, Hyundai pressure washers need to be the master cleaning equipment used in your house in comparison to the outdated ordinary tools due to their advanced hardcore high-quality cleaning technology and automatic control system which comes with multi-function hose pipe that can be operated with various components such as shampoo bottles, brushes, and guns.

They come in 4 different models with specific features and parts as follows:

HPW 105S Pressure Washer:


Max Pressure (105 bar)
Max flow rate 5.5 l/min
Pressure Rate 70 Bar ±10%
Power 1400W
Net Weight 7 Kg
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HPW 105E Pressure Washer:



Max Pressure (105 bar)
Max flow rate 5.5 l/min
Pressure Rate 70 Bar ±10%
Power 1400W
Net Weight 9 Kg
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HPW 135 Pressure Washer:


Max Pressure (135 bar)
Max flow rate 5.5 l/min
Working Pressure 90 bar
Power 1600W
Net Weight 10 Kg
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HPW 165 Pressure Washer:



Max Pressure (165 bar)
Max flow rate 6.0 l/min
Pressure Rate 110 Bar ±10%
Power 2100W
Net Weight 20 Kg
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All these models are available on our website with details and all the information. You can review and purchase them now just by clicking on the links given above.

Among these, one of our most famous and widely used Pressure washer model HPW 165 bar has the built-in feature of connecting its hose pipe with the brush for cleaning off the messiest stained floors, surfaces, and carpets along with the hard mud-filled tires of your car!

Lastly, these Hyundai pressure washers have specially been impressively designed to use water efficiently and avoid any wastage that most of the equipment cause following which their attractive assembling makes them the best value for money and use pressure washers in the market.

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

  2. Saqib says:

    I have 105 bar pressure washer of, kindly how can I get the back filter of washer.

  3. Hamza says:

    I want to buy SMD LED lights in bulk for my house. Please guide me in this regard

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      Thank you for reaching out. Please share your contact details, our representative will get in touch.

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    Products seems Durable and Upto the Mark.

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